Wide variety in designs and colors

Protect yourself from the sun, as well as from… prying eyes with the clever shading systems for indoor and outdoor spaces. Contact Grigoris Mastromanolis and choose from a wide variety in designs and colors, while, you can, in parallel, order the shading systems at the exact dimensions you wish.

More particularly, Grigoris Mastromanolis provides you:


  • Awning Systems
  • Systems of Shading Pergolas
  • Shading of Patios
  • Shading of Façades
  • Metal Systems for Façades
  • Umbrellas
  • Systems of Pergolas for Sheltering
  • Door/Window Canopies


  • Tensile structures
  • Automobile sunscreens
  • Digital printing of fabrics
  • WPC outdoor Deck 

The Rideau system is a vertical shading system of fabric, P.V.C or gelatin that is usually used at the lateral sides of balconies, in shops, etc., protecting us from the sun, rain and wind. When it is rolled up, it does not obstruct visibility at all.

Cassonetto Rideau System

The cassonetto rideau system is a functional vertical shading system, which includes a cassonetto (frame) where the fabric is rolled up, and side guides with brushes that allow the fabric to roll easily and comfortably and fully provide insulation against weather conditions. Instead of awning fabric, the used material can be gelatin that allows daylight to pass through, but protects us against rain and wind. It is manually operated or motor driven and there is the possibility of electrostatic painting in the colors of your choice.

Rideau System for Inclined Surfaces

It is the ideal solution in cases where there are inclined surfaces which we want to cover internally or externally. It includes a cassonetto frame where the fabric is rolled up, and side guides on which it rolls. With a special way of stretching (bottle in the interior of the counterweight) we achieve the ideal result.
In cases where the shading is interior a minimum inclination of 25% is required so that rainwater is drained. The maximum coverage dimensions are 3.00m x 3.00m.


Grigoris Mastromanolis, in Chania, cooperates with the leading companies in the domain of shading systems, offering you the most economical prices in the market!