High quality and aesthetics

Pergolas are one of the best means of shading regarding both quality and aesthetics. They cover the needs and requirements of indoor and outdoor spaces, adding a modern touch of design. They are widely used in shops, cafés, entertainment clubs, as well as residences.

Grigoris Mastromanolis, in Chania, undertakes the study of your space and the installation of a pergola that can last over time, and is resistant to wear that is caused by weather conditions. Using materials of the highest quality, it can fully meet your needs and requirements, implementing all of your ideas, depending on the size of your space. In the constructions are used original awning fabrics made by the leading companies in the sector, offering you absolute shading and a multi-annual guarantee.
Trust Grigoris Mastromanolis, set up properly your outdoor space with pergolas of high quality and aesthetics, and enjoy its cool shade.